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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Am I Suppose To Do?

Kesalahan itu dilakukan karena kesalahan itu diyakini benar. “Mario Teguh”.

Ini adalah kutipan dari Acara televisi Apa Kabar Indonesia di TV One. Saat itu Mario Teguh memberikan jawaban atas pertanyaan, “Bagaimana menjadi seorang motivator bagi orang lain?”.

Dia menjawab bahwa, Kesalahan itu dilakukan karena kesalahan itu diyakini benar.

Mungkin benar apa yang dikatakan oleh Mario Teguh, orang melakukan kesalahan karena orang tersebut meyakini bahwa kesalah itu benar, atau orang tersebut menganggap kesalahan itu benar.

Jawaban inilah yang sekarang sedang aku butuhkan, bukan sebagai seorang motivator pastinya, tapi hanya sebagai seorang teman.

I have a problem, my friend problem exactly. Suddenly she tell about her that she a Lesbian. I was shock. But because I know her characteristic, I didn’t saw her as wrong ( ga bisa nyalahin dia). Her family oppose her of course. But I just can be her friend.

I didn’t know what the reason that make her change. Besides, 2 years ago, she and I like to searching pictures of Asian Actor, such as Lee Dong Wook, Dylan Guo, etc.

I don’t even know why!!! But I’m surely believe, it’s just because there is no men in her house that can make her comfort and trust. There is always a problem with men (her father and her uncle) in her house. But I think, there is no point to do that. I think it’s because she found a friend (girl) that matching with her.

My friend believe that what she was doing is right, because with her new friend (her girlfriend) she found a motivator that can make her better than before.

I still don’t even know, what I have suppose to do. But like Mario Teguh said before, we can’t make her change like we want, but we can make her want to change herself.

So, I think, what I has been done was right ( to still be her friend). I will be her friend, her happy friend that really like a boy that can make me happy, so she will change into a normal person.

But, the problem is, I still can’t find the person I really like. How could I tell her a story that I fall in love with someone? It’s difficult for me. I have two person that I like. First, Mejikuhibiniu (the nick name that I gave to him, but we don’t even know each other). He just for fun with my friend because he has a good face but there is no sign of love. Second, Ito. He always talkless when I’m around and be talk active when I’m far from him. So, there is no chance to know him more.

Fyuuh, How could this happen to me? “Simple Plan – Untitled” Maybe still be me and not doing a weird thing to force my friend changed is a one way to do that I was plan.

Message for myself:

Ganbatte Ly, and bring your problem in your pray, so God will help you to get out from your problem and change your friend.

Message for my friend:

I always will be your friend, whatever you do.

Message for the readers:

Buat temen2, punya solusi ga? Yang pasti aku ga bisa memaksa kehendak ke temenku itu dan tetep mau jd temennya. Jadi menurut kalian, apa yang musti aku lakukan?

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